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10 Songs for the Summer

10 Songs for Summer

by Sean Minton

“Breakfast” by Fleur East

This song by 2014 X Factor runner-up, Fleur East, is the perfect anthem for the summer, for it is filled with instrumental breakdowns great for either dancing with friends or partying with strangers. It is also combined with repetitive verses everyone can sing to and enjoy. Breakfast can be found on East’s album “Love, Sax and Flashbacks.”

“Froot” by Marina and The Diamonds  

Marina and The Diamonds are not like any other current pop artist. This song, “Froot,” well represents her form of electronic pop music. The style of instruments assisted with Marina’s vocals give the overall song a hypnotic vibe, great for listening to while tanning at the beach. “Froot” is the leading song of off Marina’s album which happens to be titled “Froot” as well.

“Gimme A Chance” by Azealia Banks

Even though Azealia Banks may be a controversial artist, there is no lie that she is talented and “Gimme A Chance,” showcases the extent of her musical capabilities. In the beginning of the song, the tone is 90s-style scratched record hip-hop, but in the second half of the song Banks switches it up by singing and rapping in Spanish to a mariachi beat. The song can be found on Banks’ album “Broke With Expensive Taste.”

“Hard Times” by Paramore

This is Paramore’s first song in four years and it is perfect for a solo karaoke session while driving to work. “Hard Times” is definitely not similar to their earlier work with its 80’s electric tone, but the chorus and beat together make this song memorable and fun for everyone.

“I’m A Lady” by Meghan Trainor

Fresh off the Smurfs Movie soundtrack, Meghan Trainor’s “I’m A Lady,” is riddled with several empowering lyrics on what it means for her to be a woman. Her vocals are supported with jazzy instrumentals that make want to move their feet, superb for a ladies’ night out.  

“Kiss It Better” by Rihanna

Rihanna is known for creating a lot of dance hits, but in “Kiss It Better,” she strips back the club sound style and replaces it with her powerful soothing vocals assisted with a guitar riff. The calm melody is one of Rihanna’s greatest tracks from her album “ANTI.”

“Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles

This is Harry Styles first single since the breakup of One Direction and it is completely different from the boy band’s music. Styles’ song is more down to Earth and considered more indie than pop. Throughout “Sign of the Times,” a piano backtracks Styles’ vocals making the overall song harmonious and soothing.

“Tears” by Clean Bandit Ft. Louisa Johnson

Instrumental band, Clean Bandit teams up with 2015 X Factor winner, Louisa Johnson for a pop collaboration. The song is held together with Johnson’s vocals, drums, a violin, a keyboard and a cello making the final product whimsical. “Tears” is a dance track that would make every summer party.

“That’s What I like” by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has continued to create funk and R&B music since the commercial success of “Uptown Funk” with co-collaborator and producer Mark Ronson. Mars’ latest song “That’s What I Like,” is another hit that everyone enjoys, packed with unforgettable lyrics and a tremendous backtracking. This is undoubtable the hit of the summer.

“1973” by James Blunt

Blunt’s “1973” is a soft-rock love song with a settle strum of a bass guitar that creates a gentle rhythm. Spend a night gazing at the starry sky with a loved one while listening to this song. The song can be found on his album “All the lost souls.”


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