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Don’t Answer, It May Be the Last Time You Do.

Tim Ajmani – The Corsair You are sitting in your seat at a stoplight. It’s a bright and sunny day in February with the warmer weather of Spring rapidly approaching. You happen to take a glance at the car next to yours. You see them with their head looking downward and their arms busily moving....


Political Party Nonsense

Tim Ajmani – The Corsair George Washington despised the idea of political parties. He warned Americans that they could become dangerous and cunning, and harmful to the government and general public. Who would’ve thought that two centuries later that he knew exactly what he was talking about. Whenever we turn on CNN or FOX News,...


Egypt’s Stable Future?

Barrett Buchanan – The Corsair After 18 days of grueling protests in Tahrir Square in downtown Egypt, protesters have finally gained their freedom from the Mubarak regime. Crowds in the tens of thousands gathered to celebrate the victory that they have won for themselves through the sweat, tears, and blood of many Egyptian people. Now...