A blast in Pensacola’s past with PSC professor Broxton

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Bronwen Gerber

The Corsair

Last Saturday, along with a group of about thirty people, I went on a two-hour-long journey through Pensacola’s past.

Our guide: Pensacola State College history Professor Randall Broxton.

The walking tour, organized by the Jared Sparks Historical Society of Pensacola State College, began at the Fleming Fountain and took us around Seville Square.

Despite the draining heat, Broxton was as captivating as ever. He told story after story about historical houses, fascinating people, unforgettable landmarks, and even ghosts – interspersed with jovial, bellowing laughter that brought smiles to our faces.

His enthusiasm was clear: “I have been doing the walking tours for eons, and I love them!”

My knowledge of Seville Square has now been enriched by little-known tales spanning over several centuries.

The historical heritage we have in Pensacola is precious. Few places can boast about it like us!

In our daily travels around town, we often forget about the thousands of men and women who lived here before us, visited the same areas, loved the same sea, and slept under the same stars.

Even one of our presidents, Andrew Jackson, played an important role in our area’s history.

Let us not forget about Pensacola’s past; join Broxton’s walking tours this winter, which will take place all over town – from St. Michael’s Cemetery to North Hill.

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