Album Review: Eminem’s Revival falls short

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Album Review: Eminem’s Revival falls short
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By Jaylen Harrell

“Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” I say this because the real Slim Shady is missing from the new Revival album by Eminem.

After all the cyphers, the album is here, and it is pretty weak. Eminem has made his mark in hip hop—an unquestionable legend in the rap game. Known for his amazing lyricism and wordplay. Eminem is the one that will spit a lyric that a rapper would not dare to say.

That is who he has made himself out to be, and now he is coming out with a socially conscious album? Who wouldn’t want to hear Eminem spitting facts on tracks?

Coming into the album, I was excited to hear what he had to say. But after I listened through 19 tracks, I could not help but feel the dreaded disappointment when a highly regarded artist just seems to fall from grace.

Eminem feels out of place in some of the tracks. He does have some nice lines in his lyrics, but there are just as many corny ones as well. I mean these lines are like jokes your father would say in front of your friends to try to make him seem cool that only embarrass you.

Lines like, “Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea–” who would say that to anyone? There are many other cringy lines like that.

The only song I liked was “Framed” because it reminds me of a song that belongs in Eminem’s Relapse album.

The worst song on the list will have to be “Untouchable.” It was full of racial stereotypes. In verses when Eminem talks about black stereotypes, he uses “us” as if he is also black and feels the same way. That irritated me. It just seems like a complete joke on a sensitive topic for the first two verses.

The music was forgettable at best. The album is just not for those who are deeply rooted into hip hop. If you disregard Eminem’s discography and the bar he set as a rapper, then maybe you can find some positives to this album.

The production was done by Rick Rubin the producer for one of Eminem’s hit song “Berserk.” His work consists of rock and pop characteristics, which were heavy influences throughout the album.

Will we hear this rock and pop infused sound on other projects done by Eminem? I hope not.

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