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Album Review: Super Slimey
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By Jaylen Boyd

Coming into the mixtape Super Slimey, I was expecting normal Young Thug and Future vibe combination.

I will say, this was a surprise to me. The production on it was nicely flowed for Future’s and Young Thug’s vibe.

The mixtape only had one feature. Offset, in “Patek Water,” transitioned in nicely and flowed with a flexible Migos flow that was slightly sped up to keep on beat. It was good enough to steal the shine from Future and Young Thug at the moment.

As I progressed, I will say that Future stood out the most to me. I could not neglect the change he made, rapping in a flow that reminded me of his song “Sh!t” from his album Honest.

It was that flow masked with the normal auto-tune of his voice which was more compelling to the ears in contrast of his voice without the modification.

There was a minor problem; on the track “Group Home,” Future’s voice in auto-tune seems to have died. It sounded like Future was sick during recording; the sound was strained and forced. That does not mean I will give it a pass, because it made it to the final product, so it is open to criticism.

On the matter of Young Thug, he was on point with his delivery in every song, the highlight song for him being “Real Love.”

However, in “Group Home,” he did not pick up for Future in that track. The performance was just lacking, giving a feeling to me that they just gave up on it; which is probably why “Group Home” is probably going to be the forgettable track.

Going through the Super Slimey, the creativity was lacking as I noticed a lot of repetition, examples being “Patek” and Future’s “…when I piss” after referencing a drug.

Sometimes the beat will overpower the vocals, but the instances are pretty minor. I was not trying to hear it lyrically at first; however, the second and third time around I found Future’s lyrics easier to digest.

Very rarely did Future slur his words, actually pronouncing the words instead of saying it awkwardly to make it rhyme, compared to Young Thug’s lyrics.

Overall, I can say it is enjoyable. It does bring a variety of hard hitting booming sounds, to the cruise worthy joints. Super Slimey has more memorable tracks than Future and Drake’s “What A Time to be Alive” mixtape. On scale, it is at least average due to the synergy displayed between the two on certain tracks.



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