APP REVIEW: Waitr spreads to Pensacola

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APP REVIEW: Waitr spreads to Pensacola
Photo by Travis Hajenga

By Jay Pham

A new food delivery app has potential to be Pensacola’s next big thing—kind of like an upgraded Uber Eats. Why pay taxi fare to get a late night meal, when you can get the food brought to you?

Waitr debuted in 2015, and since then has spread across 20 cities and 2,000 restaurants. Waitr’s CEO, Chris Meaux, was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, with Waitr being his flagship innovation.

At 55 MB, Waitr doesn’t take up much space on mobile devices, nor does it take long to download.

Users can order by linking a Facebook account or signing up via email. Depending on the phone location, there will be a section highlighted displaying the eligible restaurants for delivery.

A search result for locations around Pensacola State College yielded 62 results in total; however, approximately 25 restaurants had delivery available within a 4-mile radius.

There were 30 restaurants around University of West Florida at one time. A restaurant 6.3 miles away was a no-go, while a restaurant 6.2 miles away was ready for delivery. On a side note, a restaurant search in Pace, FL had absolutely no results available for delivery.

The app boasts no minimum order amount, but a set $5.00 delivery fee, which does not include the tip. A homewrecker burrito from Moe’s Southwest Grill is $8.45. After the delivery fee, tax, and 20% tip was added, it came out to be $16.90, exactly double the price of the burrito–no thanks.

On the other hand, the app offers a group order setting for the same $5.00 delivery fee.

The group order setting allows you to pay for everyone, or just pay by yourself. If you elect to pay for everyone, you can set the limit on how many people; how much per person; and the order total; so your coworkers won’t take advantage of your generosity— how thoughtful of you, Waitr.

This app is great for an office lunch, or for a kickback with friends. To make the delivery fee non-existent, aim for more hungry friends or hungry coworkers.

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