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Life After Art with Elise Lampert

By Sean Minton

Everyone needs an outlet relating to their passions. Whether it is from writing poetry or interpretive dancing, expression into art helps those who are stressed about work or school enter a realm catered to their liking. For art major Elise Lampert, her outlet is through graphic design.

Art has been around Lampert her whole life to the point where she does not recall when she  developed an interest in art.

It helps her through life when negativity presents itself. “It’s definitely beneficial to my mental health,” said Lampert. “It’s an outlet for my frustrations or whatever might be wrong.”

While Lampert gets plenty of motivation from getting commissioned by customers, she finds inspiration from music or events happening in her life.

Art is a hobby for Lampert, so picking up her tablet to draw is her entertainment as well. The process may seem complex when it is not on the usual pen and paper, but through technology it is less stressful.

With the help of graphic editing software, Lampert begins by forming simple shapes. With a buildup of curves, lines and enough layers, she is able to create a piece by stitching everything together. The outcome is mostly characters Lampert styles herself from either mythical creatures, to casual looking people.

To create art is an experience anyone can achieve, but the hardest thing is to continue that passion. Many students are afraid to focus on art for two major reasons: either it is expensive and stressful or it is not reliable profession.

The stereotype that artists cannot be successful is ridiculous for that can apply to all fields of work. Anyone can be paid for their work especially over the Internet. Not saying everyone will succeed, but why risk what you do best for a different job you’re not as good at?

Even though Lampert’s work seems polished already with years of experience, she had to take a break for stress purposes. However, since she enjoys the profession, she will strive to do what she loves and plans to further her techniques and skills by returning to Pensacola State College and finishing her art degree.

Jim Carrey said it best: “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love.”

Lampert is taking that chance.

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