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Tabatha Fields

The Corsair

With election time here, and almost gone, Americans will be casting their votes to determine who will be the 45th president of the United States. Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are in a close race to the finish line.

According to the Huffington Post, “On October 30, 2012 Obama led Romney among likely voters by 47 percent to 46 percent. Neither candidate has held a clear lead since early October.” On that same site, the HP displayed a chart showing 277 electoral votes for Obama, and 191 electoral votes for Romney.

Many people went to the polls for early voting. There were lines extended around the Tryon West Florida Public Library on Langley Avenue, Saturday, Oct. 27.

Many viewers will be glued to their TV’s tonight watching the results of the election and some won’t.

Rachel Mcarthy, a psychology major at Pensacola State College said, “I won’t be watching it Tuesday. I am apathetic towards it. I know it is important, but I am really not interested. It is just another thing to me. Romney doesn’t like women’s rights, and Obama is same stuff for four more years, so who cares.”

The mood around PSC was filled with enthusiastic students who were willing to vote for the candidate they thought has the best view for education.

“Of course I will be watching it, if it wasn’t for Obama I literally would not be here,” said Chaughnescy Salter, a PSC student majoring in social sciences. “I am willing to finish my education, and Obama clearly stands for education.”

There was a mock poll on the Pensacola State College eCorsair site that showed Obama leading Romney by two votes.

The American people are looking for the candidate who they can trust and restore the economy to a place where all Americans can enjoy the American dream. There is no doubt the economy has been down because many middle-class and low-class Americans are undoubtedly suffering the most.

Tonight will determine if we will still have Obama or Romney for our new commander in chief.

“I put my faith in God,” said Gordon Cartwright, an irrigation technician at PSC, “I think a lot of people will make their minds up when they get inside the booth Tuesday.”


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