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Back To School Playlist

By Sean Minton

Now that school has started it’s not too late to keep that summer spirit. This playlist is filled with nine songs to get everyone back into the groove of school and work.

“Sorry Not Sorry” – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a message for the haters from her long-awaited single since her last album released in 2015. Lovato is unapologetic in her new anthem, stating that the only thing she is sorry for is for not being sorry. The message of living life carefree powers this song.

“Congratulations” – Post Malone ft. Quavo

In the modern rap community, many songs can end up sounding the same, however the lyrics of “Congratulations” set it apart from other charting hits. Post Malone accompanied by Quavo, rap about the hardships of trying to make it in the industry and no one having their backs, but once they made it, the ones who doubted them turned around and congratulated them. It sends a message to keep going despite hardships.

“Trying Not to Love You” – Caroline Smith

A heartbreak song always risks coming off as gloomy, but Caroline Smith turns what would have been a stereotypical melody song into a calm, tap dancing beat that encourages even the least talented dancer to feel the music with their body and let their emotions out into dance.  With Smith’s soothing vocals, no one can deny how beautiful the song is.

“Cocky” – Shea Couleé ft. Lila Star, The Vixen

After placing in the top four on the Emmy winning show Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Shea Coulee not only dominated the competition, but looked good doing it. Whenever someone succeeds in life there are always jealous people trying to put them down. Coulee, Lila Star and the Vixen send a message to their envious viewers stating that those who are upset are only mad because they are not cocky and fierce as well. The instrumental is unique and anyone listening can tell how “sick” they are in person.

“U-Turn” – Tegan and Sara

Twins Tegan and Sara have been in the music industry for two decades and continue to be relevant with their 2016 album  “Love You to Death.” The Duo’s single “U-Turn” appeared on that album; even though it may be the 21st century, the song gives an 80’s electric tune with enough willpower to make listeners U-turn and replay the song numerous times.

“You Caught the Light” – Chvrches

Chvrches is an electronic alternative rock band usually led by their female vocalist Lauren Mayberry, but on this track, they switched it up and had their guitarist Iain Cook take the lead.  “You Caught the Light,” stands out from their other music because of this vocalist change and its more relaxed tone. Coming back to school is difficult; thankfully, this song is a stress reliever.

“Power” – Little Mix

British girl group Little Mix have continued to rise in fame since they won the U.K. X Factor in 2011, and with the recent success of their new album “Glory Days,” they are not stopping anytime soon. “Power” is one hit on their album that gives empowerment to the listeners. It is catchy and great to dance to, but it also touches on the strength of women and unity of people which is something every citizen wants in their country now.

“Money Maker” – Throttle ft. Lunchmoney Lewis, Aston Merrygold

What every college student wants in America is to easily pay for their school, but unfortunately, most must work hard just to scrape up enough cash to get by. This club disco track motivates listeners to become money makers. This song has everything: vocals, rapping and a funky beat. If anyone ever goes to a roller rink, request this song and shake that moneymaker.

“Woman” – Ke$ha ft. The Dap-Kings Horns

After constant struggles with producing music for four years over alleged sexual harassment from her producer, Ke$ha is back with new music. The Tik Tok artist is fed up with the standards women have to put up with and is here to say she is independent and does not need a man to call her honey or buy her a drink because she makes her own money; she can do everything on her own. Her vocals are outstanding and the jazz instrumentals make the whole ensemble badass.


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