Beautiful vs. Sexy Part 2 — I choose beauty

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Adriana Dueck – The Corsair

So with all this reading and musing on sexuality that I’ve been doing, I’ve decided that beautiful is a word I’d rather be called by, because sexy can come under the umbrella of beauty.  To me sexuality is very much a part of being beautiful.  If someone, be it a man or a woman, tells you that you are beautiful, they are obviously physically attracted to you, and that can lead to one being thought of as “sexy.”

“Beautiful” is also a more flattering compliment because the people that I have met don’t describe a person as beautiful unless they are really impressed by how that person acts/behaves/carries him or herself. Beauty is something that is an inside part of you and it shines so brightly that everyone within your friendship circle, and even people outside of it, will notice and pick up on, and be literally drawn to like bees to honey.

Beauty also factors in with maturity, because little, stuck-up teenage girls who go around running their mouths and saying rude things are probably not very often called beautiful.  I’m not saying that you can’t be a little bit tough and be beautiful, but it’s about respecting yourself.  I can go out with my guy friends, drink a beer and down a whole pizza, holler like an idiot at Tom Brady and his teammates and still be the very feminine presence while hanging out with the guys.  That’s the problem with most girls today.  They miss the difference between “hanging out with the guys” and “being one of the guys.”  Angelina Jolie kicked total ass in “Wanted,” but she was very much a woman, and was very separate and identifiable compared to her “fraternity brothers.” 

That’s what being a beautiful, sexy woman is all about.  That’s what I’m realizing, and it’s making me more and more content to be myself every day.  Yup, I can curse, drink and smoke any guy I meet under the table, but he’ll think “that was the baddest chick I’ve ever met” when he walks away.  That’s what beauty is: owning yourself and everything about you (even your faults), and using all of these aspects of your personality to add to your sexiness.

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