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Published: August 23, 2006

The PJC learning centered college coordinating team recently adopted a set of strategies to help students become better learners.  The Corsair plans to cover the concept in a future issue, but we want to hear from students and faculty.  Leave us your thoughts at in the comment section at the end of this article.

Becoming a successful student is very much like mastering a new job.  In order to excel, it is necessary to know what is expected of you.

In a learning centered college, a PJC student is expected to:

1.  Read and understand the college catalog

2.  Read and use the college class schedule (paper or on-line) as he or she registers each           semester

3.  Check with his or her major department for current information on requirements &           curriculum

4.  Talk to an advisor about the required courses needed for your major

5.  Schedule classes so that the most effective learning can occur

6.  Allow adequate study time per week for each course

7.  Show satisfactory academic progress

8.  Assume responsibility for his or her education

9.  Make use of the college library (LRC)

10.  Develop a plan for increasing his or her listening skills and improving study habits

11.  Take notes during classes

12.  Work collaboratively with other students

13.  Evaluate his or her own progress

14.  Attend all class sessions and be on time

15.  Complete all work when absent from class

16.  Read, understand, and follow the instructions in the course and district syllabi

17.  Complete reading and writing assignments in all classes

18.  Turn in assignments on time

19.  Complete work without cheating or committing plagiarism

20.  Actively participate in class

21.  Make appointments with professors during assigned office hours

22.  Exhibit respectful behavior at all times

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