Dance upon the mirror’s edge in this parkour-inspired first-person romp!

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Mirror’s Edge

By Electronic Arts, DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment)

Genre: First-person platforming with parkour (free-running)

Rating: Teen for Blood, Language, Violence

Stark cityscapes and fast movements await you in this early 2009 game from the Swedish makers of the Battlefield series of tactical shooters!

Faith is a Runner, an illicit courier who, along with others in her unnamed organization, is contracted by various entities to transfer information and cargo over the rooftops and through the infrastructure of an unnamed, dystopian city. Big Brother is watching, like in most tales of this sort, and his minions, known colloquially as Blues (policemen) lie around every corner waiting to take down another who would keep information from their masters.

Faith’s sister, Kate, has been wrongfully accused of killing a mayoral candidate, Robert Pope, so Faith must work fast along with her handler, Mercury and fellow Runners Celeste and Kreeg, to clear her sister’s name and hopefully knock the totalitarian System down a few pegs.

Gameplay is quite unique among games of this type; your body is rendered on-screen, which can help you more accurately judge when to jump, crouch and perform other movements. And yes, many parts of the game do rely on platforming puzzles which may take a little trial-and-error repetition at first, but eventually you’ll be pursuing that perfect line through the various levels, taking down your enemies with their own weapons, making near-impossible jumps to safety, and other feats of agility.

After you’ve cleared a level, you can try a challenge mode on it; race your friends and people around the world for the fastest times! Your opponents’ performances are rendered as ‘ghosts’ which you must outpace to best their records! After all, the main story is based around speed and efficiency; why not show off your skills for the world to see!

For a heart-pounding, fast-paced game that challenges you at every turn, check out Mirror’s Edge! Five out of five; I highly recommend it.

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