Guns allowed on campuses? Laughable…

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TIM AJMANI – The Corsair

Florida state senators made a critical decision this past Wednesday to kill the proposal for firearms on college campuses. That is definitely good and all. But the bigger issue is this – why was this even necessary in the first place? Common sense should have prevailed here. To the normal person, guns and college campuses in the same discussion should raise a red flag. The biggest two campus shootings in history – Virginia Tech in 2007 and Texas (Austin) in 1966 – should be a clear indication that guns and college campuses do not mix.

Just imagine if the proposal was not killed. College campuses deal with a huge amount of instances already, without firearms being involved. Combine allowing concealed firearms with the fact that alcohol is often present at campus parties and the potential for disaster would be very high. College individuals are sometimes immature when it comes to decision making. Again, this makes one wonder if the people supporting this proposal have common sense.

Why would a college student, or professor for that matter, need to take a gun with them onto campus? Campus security is there for a reason. Again, this shouldn’t even be an issue. Why am I even discussing this? Students of UWF, and campus police of Florida obviously agree with the decision to shut the proposal down. And if they are against it, we should be against it. There are more important issues to deal with than this.

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