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Two minutes till Chem. class and there I was… racing out of the food court parking lot. Half hazardly, I choked down veggie stir-fry while simultaneously avoiding both whiplash and chopstick puncture wounds. Ahh…college, a time when both schedules and budgets are tight; but what does this mean for your dining arrangements? There’s a reason for the phrase “starving college student”. Who hasn’t experienced exasperation in gazing into a fridge adorned solely by old ketchup packets and curdling dairy? In the next few weeks the Corsair will aim to lessen your woes with affordable and relatively healthy dining suggestions. In this article I’ll highlight a few lunch spots around PJC that won’t consume your gas fund. My challenge? -lunch for under five dollars.

My first stop was Panera Bread where I found several possibilities. Soup and a baguette is around $3.50 +tax. Available soups rotate daily but usually include at least five options or so (My favorites are the broccoli-cheddar and the tomato-basil). If something more portable is in order, the 99 cent bagels are an excellent option (you can get an apple, peanut-butter, or cheese for an about a dollar more).
The next stop was only a short walk away. Moe’s grille also offers several affordable items. One of my favorites is the Overachiever hard taco with tofu. The kid’s meals are around $3.75+tax and include a cookie, a drink and chips. I have a friend who practically lived off the Mr. moo-moo burrito. Another perk is their tantalizing salsa bar which includes several delicious varieties.
A quick jaunt into the mall brought me to my favorite spot in the newly renovated food court-Wraps and More. They have a delicious Monster Veggie Wrap for around $4.50+tax. I like it on the wheat tortilla with provolone.
Speaking of renovations, there’s a new Cuban walk-up joint, called Havana’s cafe that just opened up right around the corner from PJC. It’s actually connected to Verona’s, but their prices are considerably lower. They have pitas, wraps and sandwiches (served with chips) for $4.50+tax.  Havana’s also offers several unique sides. I like the sweet plantains ($2 an order).
Another authentically ethnic option is Siam Thai (located on ninth ave). The food is fresh and the atmosphere is very unique (the restaurant is actually connected to a car wash and they have their own gift shop!).They’re plenty of options for the vegetarian and carnivore alike. Both the veggie rolls and the spring rolls are $3.50 an order (3 rolls) and come with a plum sauce, Steamed rice is an additional $1. The ice Thai coffee or tea is $1.50 and a great pick-me-up.
So next time your sanity is failing by reason of starvation (and the thought of yet another cheeseburger has become rather sickening) , consider one of these suggestions. Who said variety has to break your budget?

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