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Bronwen Gerber

The Corsair

Why learn a foreign language when the whole world speaks English?

 Transmuted to the perspective of the Pensacola State College student, this question becomes “why take a foreign language when it is four credits and a lot of extra work?”

 It is true that as native English speakers, Americans are spoiled – it is easy to be lazy and content ourselves with knowing “hola,” and “merci.”

 However, you might consider taking a foreign language, because despite what it may seem, it is more important than ever to be able to communicate in languages other than English.

 No matter what you’re majoring in, it’s likely that knowing a foreign language will come in handy once you have your degree and are looking for a job.

 Spanish, of course, is very popular right now – and for good reason.

 Knowing Spanish is important to create bridges with the growing Hispanic community in this country.

 Additionally, many businesses are going bilingual and are looking to hire people who know Spanish and English: Mastering the language of Cervantes definitely gives you an edge.

 But Spanish isn’t everything.

 Take some of the world’s largest growing economies: Brazil, China, and South Asia. It is increasingly important to be able to conduct successful business with them, and doing so includes being able to communicate in their languages.

 I know you can’t courses on Portuguese or Mandarin Chinese at PSC, but keep this thought in mind for later.

 Valuable will be the people proficient in these languages.

 Another winning point for learning a foreign language is that it is great for your brain.

 It makes your brain more flexible and helps it maintain more circuits. Thinking in another language, learning grueling grammar rules, and memorizing vocabulary gives you a mental workout that is very beneficial, especially as you get older, because it helps keep your brain fresh and fit!

 As you learn a different language you also start learning about a new culture. Some teachers even lead you to discover delicious new foods by bringing them to class!

 By opening yourself to different customs and traditions you become more appreciative of the vibrant multiculturalism in our country and in the world.

 Understanding others makes you more sensitive to them and turns you into a citizen of the world.

 PSC offers courses in Spanish, French, German, Latin, Russian, and American Sign Language.

Choose a foreign language as an elective and see it as an investment: All the hard work will end up being tremendously worth it.


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