Nintendo releases Zelda, and the reign of Wii

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Ricky Di and Chris Sapp

Published: October 25, 2006

Nintendo’s latest masterpiece, simply called “Wii,” is shaping up to be the top contender in the next generation of video gaming.

The system runs an impressive 512 MB flash drive in a sleek case that’s roughly the size of three DVD cases stacked on top of each other.

Gameplay on the Wii is supported through a fully wireless remote control, dubbed “Wii-mote,” that uses point-and-click technology to provide gamers with a truly unique experience.  Attached to the Wii-mote is the Nunchuk, a toggling device that controls character movement.

It isn’t just the promise of original gameplay features and compact system size that are going to launch Nintendo’s Wii above the competition, however.  It’s the increasingly awesome library of games available for the system that will sweep the competition.

Sitting high on the list is one of Nintendo’s latest staple crops, Twilight Princess.

The hotly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii is set to debut alongside the console on Nov. 19 (and for GameCube on Dec. 11).

It is currently poised to be the best entry into the lucrative franchise yet.  It tells the story of Link, a lowly farmhand who becomes embroiled in the mystery of the Twilight Realm. The realm is a sinister cloak of darkness that is slowly devouring the land of Hyrule, in which no human can remain in their natural state and become twisted, horrible monsters.

The Wii version of Twilight Princess will utilize the full functionality of the Wii-mote.  Flicking the Wii-mote right or left will cause Link to swing his sword and jabbing forward will cause Link to attempt to impale his enemies.

Aiming is easier than ever with the Wii-mote, which allows you to merely point at the spot on the screen and fire instead of the awkward manual aiming that a normal remote requires.

But not everything is a hack-and-slash gorefest.  Nintendo’s new controller is, of course, a perfect fit for the fishing option in the game, a fan-favorite of the genre from the N64 days.

Gamers merely hold down the Wii-mote’s A button, pull the pointer back and then cast it forward as they would if they were really out on a lake.  Bigger and faster motions will cause the line to travel farther and vice versa.  Once the line has been cast, gamers can choose to lure a fish in by wiggling the Wii-mote left and right, which in turn wiggles the bait and hook.

Zelda’s fishing mode is stellar and more engaging than ever before.  Gamers will find themselves instinctively pulling up on the Wii-mote, which represents the rod, and reeling fish in with the Nunchuk as quickly as possible.

Just because Link has hooked a fish, however, does not mean it’s a done deal.  Occasionally, gamers will have to simultaneously hit both the A button and B trigger on the Wii-mote to keep a fish from breaking free.

Twilight Princess continues to impress with its scope and is promised by its design team to feature over 75 hours of gameplay.  Nintendo is pulling out all of the stops for this game, which is shaping up to be the crown jewel of the Zelda series.

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