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Published: November 22, 2006

Politics and religion are subjects that are usually avoided in casual conversation, and understandably so: these are topics that most Americans are passionate about.

We have seen right-wing conservative Christian Republicans, environmentally and socially conscious Buddhist Independents, liberal atheist Democrats and multiple variations of everything in between.

Yet, it would seem that this country is made up of only two political parties – Democrats and Republicans – that use religion and partisanship against each other.

This country was founded in the spirit of freedom and choice.  Freedom from an oppressive government and the ability to choose a religion (or none at all) are supposed to be the cornerstones of America.  But those ideas have been routinely misinterpreted, essentially lost to time.

Isn’t it more important to vote for the candidate’s platform than their political party or professed religion?  Wouldn’t Washington run smoother if it wasn’t caught up in politics?

America does seem to be beginning to drift in this direction, but it needs a hard shove.  Political parties need to be restructured or altogether eliminated in order for our country’s leaders to effectively work together.  There are too many issues that never get resolved because politics gets in the way.

Americans need affordable (or free) health care, retirement security, access to higher education and less government.

Instead of trying to bring democracy to other countries, shouldn’t we be focusing on the problems within our own country?  Leave religion and partisan politics out of government decision making, and build a better America.

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