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Playlist for homework

By Jaylen Harrell

Music is a big part of life. We all move to a certain beat. Music can also help the mind relax and focus. In this selection, I believe these can help others during homework.

Justus, “Tryin’ to Live,” featuring Rufus. A song representing for the college students. A wholesome melody that is easy listening. The lyrics are relatable because Justis appeals to the average person, while Rufus emphasizes that we are all just trying to survive.

Origami, “Goku.”For those who love anime themed music, try a song about the beloved Dragon Ball character composed by Origami. The instrumentals to help you unwind, yet it has enough kick to give you some energy. The melody is comprised of different types of beats produced for the rapper, Logic.

Nujabes “Another Reflection,”Another instrumental song, but this one takes
root in Japanese culture along with hip hop. It blends tranquility for those that want something soft but want something different. Before his death, Nujabes was an accomplished producer that composed for the anime.

MitiS “Life of Sin”. Maybe relaxing isn’t your style. Ever heard of Chillstep? If you understand Dubstep, then Chillstep is just music that isn’t as hard-hitting. A well composed beat that can keep you alert when having to read a dry textbook.

Urban Knights “Hearts of Longing.” Smooth jazz that balms the soul. This is the song you need to have on your playlist. It’s the type of melody that drains away tension and anxiety. The music just gives off the illusion of just drifting along a calm stream.

The songs on this list are easy to access on the internet. And you don’t have to sit through ads if you go through YouTube since the music is not that popular. Give it a listen while you study.

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