PSC athletes ready for success, more titles after being introduced Tuesday

Home Sports PSC athletes ready for success, more titles after being introduced Tuesday
PSC athletes ready for success, more titles after being introduced Tuesday
The PSC men's basketball team. Brianne Kuhnhausen / The Corsair
The PSC men’s basketball team.
Brianne Kuhnhausen / The Corsair

by Ally Doty

The Pensacola State College Athletic Department held the “Meet the Athletes” event on Tuesday, August 27, in the Hartsell Arena in building 3 where all sports teams came together to introduce themselves for the 2013-2014 season.

President of the college, Dr. Ed Meadows, opened the gathering with words about PSC’s athletic adventure over the last 65 years and spoke about being successful on and off the playing pitch.

“My definition of success is that you do your very best, all the time,” Meadows announced to the audience.

After his opening words, Meadows handed the microphone to Bill Hamilton, the Athletic Director at PSC, who introduced each team as they stepped forward, starting with the women’s teams.

Coach Leah Drury and her basketball squad made their way down to the court and each individual announced their name, college year and position.

All other coaches and their teams followed suit.

Next was the volleyball team, led by Coach Chris Laird. The lady Pirates have their first home tournament this weekend and Laird agreed with Sophomore Michelle Doucet that they “need to have a better mental mindset or the small technical errors will continue to present themselves.” Their tournament will take place on the Milton Campus this weekend, August 30 and 31.

Coach La Rita Carter followed her dance team down to the court for their introductions next. She has been the dance coach at PSC for the last nine years. Her team consists of dancers who work hard to give their spirit at all of the home basketball games.

PSC’s nationally ranked softball team took their turn introducing themselves after Coach Brenda Pena brought the spotlight to her team. Seventeen players, 9 sophomores and 8 freshmen, are seeking another title in 2014 to follow their State title from last year.

PSC’s men’s basketball team received enthusiastic comments from their coach, Pete Pena, after their introductions.

“We are looking to have a phenomenal season with this group of young men, we are looking for a title this year,” he said.

And last came the baseball squad, made up of 34 players from all over the world, including Australia.

The microphone made its way slowly down the row of men and ended with Head Coach Keith Little. Little handed it back to Bill Hamilton who closed out the meet and greet with a few simple words.

“We thank you all for coming today and be sure to come out and support your Pirates Athletics!” Hamilton exclaimed.

Eager to start practicing, all teams scattered in different directions, and in moments the gym was empty.

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