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Ben Johnson

Published: Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Was’ sup classmates! While politicians are working their butts off preparing for the upcoming debates before the election, one student is taking his new position as the new Surf Club President! Ever wanted to join a club at PJC? Ever wanted to try surfing? Do you surf? Do you like having fun at the beach? If you answered to yes to any of these questions, then you may have a future with the new Pensacola Junior College Surf Club!

The Surf Club went down a few of years ago but was brought back into the light in 2007 by former Club President, Ben Johnson. “I think I took everything too serious last year, but this year it’s going to be all about having fun” former President Johnson says. Ben Johnson served a full term and never went back for re-election, but in order for the Surf Club to come back a student must pursue the Presidency title. So who is this new candidate? The new President is none other than the local Long Boarding former Surf Club member, Carlton “Skip” Wingett Jr.!

Skip Wingett is 17 years old, but has completed one full year of college already and is working to finish his A.A. Degree as soon as possible. Skip began surfing just before the Surf Club kicked off in spring of 2007 but has now become one of the best surfers at his local home-break in Perdido Key. What are his plans for the surf club this year? “Well… um… I guess surfing. Lots of surfing and meets at the beach,” President Wingett replied. Dr. Charlie Schuler is the Club charter and will be part of this years new Surf Club as well.

So if you are a local shredder, a beach bum or just like hanging out at the beach, then get in touch over at Bldg. 4 and come sign up. And the if you want try surfing outside the club, then you can always meet up with an officer of the Club when the surf is up at the popular beach breaks no matter where you are. Dr. Schuler can sometimes be found “hanging 10” at the Navarre pier, Ben Johnson spends time long boarding “The Cross” or shredding the “Pensacola Pier”, and Skip Wingett loves radical long rides on his 8’6’’ at “Johnson’s Beach” or “AL Point”. So come on, and get involved! This year’s Surf Club is sure to be a fun one.

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