Schiavo case highlights hypocrisy

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Charles Allen

Published: April 13, 2005

I’ve done a bit of thinking lately. If ever I get severely brain damaged, causing me to fall into a coma (because of my eating disorder), and I have to be put on life support, and my only response to your flashing lights in my face for 15 years is aaaahhhrrrrggg. . . LET ME GO!!!!!

Unless you’ve been a vegetable for the past 15 years, you have obviously come to the realization that I am talking about Terri Schiavo. If you don’t like to hear an opinion without any sugarcoating, then by now you have stopped reading and started crying. Tell your mommy I’m sorry.

It seems this issue has divided a lot of people in this country. On one side you have the people supporting the parents who wanted to keep her alive. They always say, “Who are we to play God?” The hypocrisy of that statement alone is dumbfounding. If God had his way, she would have died 15 years ago. It was our need to “play God” that kept her alive for so long!

On the other hand, you have the people that support the husband. Not many people are being vocal in their support for him from fear of being persecuted. Granted, the husband did seem like a shady character. But, he did have the legal right to do what he did. I commend him for giving her a few years of hope. Is it so wrong to know when hope has left the building?

With all the things going on in the world like war, hunger, terrorism, and our growing national deficit; what does Congress call an emergency hearing for? Terri Schiavo! You have got to be kidding me! First Congress butts into steroids in baseball, and now this! There has to be a better reason for them to circumvent the constitution than this.

The protesters, who vehemently supported Terri Schiavo, are more than likely the same idiots hopping on the “morally righteous” bandwagon, standing on Ninth Avenue holding up anti-abortion posters with dead fetuses on them for little kids to see. All while saying, “we want to save Terri because we’re pro-life.”

Weird, huh? They’re willing to show pictures of dead babies and save a veggie. Yet, they are the same people crusading against me seeing boobies on television! WTF?

I never knew Mrs. Schiavo. She may have been a swell person. I just think there are many other things in this world to be passionate about that would make life better for the living.

If these passionate people could use all of that energy for something useful instead of crusading just for the hell of it or for the “situation” of the month, then everyone would be better off. I’m cynical, I know. I’m not very tactful, something I also realize. But, this is my honest opinion. Well…close to it.

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