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The Corsair staff has recently learned that the administration at PJC is considering implementing a ban on smoking anywhere on the Pensacola campus – a rule which is already in effect on the Warrington campus.

We at the Corsair feel this proposed campus-wide smoking ban would be far too overreaching and unnecessary. While we understand and empathize with why such a ban is being considered, we feel the reasons against such a ban outweigh the reasons in favor.

Granted, secondhand smoke and cigarette litter are legitimate concerns, but forcing hundreds of students who smoke cigarettes to leave the campus is far too excessive means by which to address such issues.

A mass exodus of smokers from campus between classes poses many problems, such as more congestion of traffic, students losing their parking spots, non-driving students struggling to find safe smoking locations, and ultimately more students being late for classes.

We also see no reasonable way such a rule could be effectively enforced. We feel requiring PJC security personnel to constantly be on watch for people smoking on campus would be a complete waste of time and resources.  

PJC already has a rule in place which states that people must smoke at least (NEED FIGURE) feet away from any building. We feel this rule is sufficient enough and should be enforced rather than implementing a campus-wide smoking ban.

It would be far easier to enforce the current rules than impose the proposed smoking prohibition.

However, if the administration just absolutely feels the current smoking rules are not working, we recommend in the very least a smoking area to be designated in a specific location or locations across the campus similar to free speech zones.

These accommodations could be very easily implemented and enforced. And this method would prevent students and faculty from having to leave the campus altogether in order to partake in the legal activity of smoking.

We at the Corsair understand smoking is a problem and has become increasingly unpopular, but we feel the proposed campus-wide ban is the wrong approach to address this issue while other more sensible and appropriate measures could be taken.

Campus No Smoking Directive

• There will be no smoking (students, faculty, staff, guests) within 50 feet of
Buildings 1, 4, 15, 17 and 21. These buildings are now considered non-smoking

• Individuals who intentionally and repeatedly violate the aforementioned
directives will be referred to the office of the vice president of Student Affairs
(for students and staff) and the office of the vice president of Academic Affairs
(for faculty) for resolution of the situation. Both vice presidents will endeavor to
assist members of the college community to understand the necessity of implementing
these directives.

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