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Ricky Di

Published: December 6, 2006

Quick question: what do you get when you offer less than 400,000 units to a mob of millions?

Apparently, you don’t get patience and civility.who knew?  Sony sure didn’t.

Honestly, who didn’t see it coming?  .Sony sure didn’t (couldn’t resist).

Yes, in case some of you aren’t on the train yet, I am referring to the “incidents” associated with the PS3’s opening last month.  And incidents there were aplenty.

Multiple riots, muggings, beatings, and a gunshot to the head.  Oh, you didn’t misread that, I said a gunshot to the head.just let it soak in a while.

Funny thing about that; when the Nintendo Wii was released just two days later, well, nothing happened.  You know, nothing besides step one in the inevitable downfall of Sony Computer Entertainment.but who didn’t know that was going to happen?  *cough*

Not to say that the Wii hasn’t had its problems.

For one, the video component cables are near impossible to find.  You’d think with the anticipation of the Wii’s 480p progressive output that Nintendo would include the component cables in the box.  We should be so lucky.

Even local gamer Chris Sapp (remember him?) ran into some trouble when his AC adapter burnt out as soon as he plugged it in.  (We ultimately blamed the incident on years of bad karma being released at once.)

Also, there have been several reports of Wiimote lanyards breaking, sending dozens of controllers-turned-projectiles hurling through the air, much to the dismay of television screens everywhere.

Once again Nintendo has given too much credit to human intelligence.  Sure, the lanyard’s great for giving your hand a break without having to put the controller down, but if you can’t grasp the idea that a piece of string won’t keep the darn thing attached to your wrist while you try to break the sound barrier with your swing, then whose fault is that really?

Besides, when comparing a cracked LCD screen to a bullet hole in the forehead, the bullet hole will always look worse.

By the way, that guy who was shot in the head did get his PS3.and promptly sold it on eBay for well over twice the original price.

He wasn’t the only one either.  Most of the people in line for the PS3, the ones rioting and stomping over one another to get through the doors giving all us gamers a bad rap, turned right around and resold their sometimes two or three systems apiece on the Internet.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It’s a nice way to turn a profit, and one I’d have done myself if I had the money.  I just think it’s funny to see how many PS3s are listed on eBay as opposed to the number of Wiis, even though the Wii has sold over twice as many units.

Imagine that, people buying a game console to play it.  Stranger things have happened.

All bickering and nitpicking aside, I must admit that Sony has surprised me with the level of commitment it has to it’s horribly, horribly flawed system.and I emphasize “horribly.”

In this, the great Console War, who’d’ve thunk a chance-taking, family-oriented system such as the Wii would outdo one of the most over-hyped systems of all time?  Sony sure didn’t.

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