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Asia Rodgers

The Corsair

Last Tuesday, my and family and I made our way to Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Have Nots” at the Pensacola Civic Center. Like many people who planned on attending the play, I, myself thought that the world’s best grandmother, Madea, was going to be in the place. But, that happened to not be the case, instead we were given another feisty grandmother who spoke her mind, rather than make peace, Grandma Hattie Mae, played by Patrice Lovely. The cast included Palmer E. Williams, Tony Hightower, Alexis Jones, Maurice Lauchner, Jeffery Lewis, and Kislyck Halsey.

In this story Grandma Hattie has taken in her daughter and her unemployed husband, along with their troubled son, to make ends meet. Rose, Hattie’s daughter has a job working as a maid of wealthy Louis Willis, who has a much younger wife, Diane.  Since Rose’s husband is unemployed and they have just found out they may lose their only home if the bills are not met, Rose seeks her boss to hire her husband. Like many men, Floyd, Rose’s husband, has an ego and is not happy with the fact his wife had to find him a job, but knows his family is in a great deal of need for money. While working on the job, Floyd finds himself getting into a lot of trouble being in the presence of a seductive wife who wants Floyd to repair more than a lose nail.  With the help of a little prayer, family, and hope, the family saves their home.

Overall I found this play to be a great Tyler Perry cliché.  The goodness of this play comes from the humor and culture. For those who would like to see this play on DVD in late spring. Tyler Perry also has another film coming to theaters on Feb. 24. For information on anything concerning Tyler Perry , please visit

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