Travis DeSimone.


A lot of great albums came out this last year. 2011 was a good one for all the dancers, hipsters, and DJ’s. Every so often you hear something that you didn’t even know you needed, something that hooks you like an eel and keeps you stuck in the bin. Electricity is blood. Yes my friends, I am talking about ULTERIOR. They ride under the banner of Omega, and for a good reason.

Taking every element of post punk that made goth groovy and blending it with blaring synthesizers and electric snares, ULTERIOR has made a mark on me. They formed out of London in 2006 and released their debut album Wild In Wildlife this last year. Every track is dripping with malice. Put some headphones and walk down the street and you will feel like you are stalking your prey.

They fit right into a place that has been unoccupied in the last decade, something I have been pining for personally. They toured with Sisters of Mercy for Ford’s sake. Their hit single Sex Wars Sex Cars Sex is atomic, Catherine is a bitter rumination on “the one”, and Sister Speed is a viral and explosive little track. With lyrics like “The mark of a man is in the length of his shame” what isn’t to like? If you like electronic music, punk rock, or anything tasteful I would reccomend you get to their site and shell out some of that financial aid refund on their vinyl. Help the boys out. Much love.


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