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Uplift with this end of the year playlist
Images sourced by Google. Illustration by Travis Hajenga.

By Minnie-Lee Bush

Life would not be what it is if it did not have its ups and downs. Musical artists from all over the world use music as an outlet to reflect on the setbacks and to inspire others to move on and learn from mistakes.This playlist is made of songs that are here to inspire and ruminate on the good times and the bad. It serves as a reminder that even when life gets low, there is room to go up.

Kelly Clarkson – “Love so Soft”

Returning from her six-year hiatus, the American Idol queen is back at it and stronger than ever.  Kelly Clarkson’s album, Meaning of Life, is the powerful soul-filled record that fans have been waiting for. “Love So Soft” is an upbeat song that will have everyone bobbing their head to the  rhythm. The back-up vocals alone add the perfect splash of attitude. Clarkson is known for her  music that tends to stay on repeat. “Love So Soft” is no different.

Gabbie Hanna – “Out Loud”

Known for her social media presence on Vine and YouTube, Gabbie Hanna released her first single based on poems in her book “Adultolescence.” “Out Loud” is an anthem for relationships that end badly. Definitely on the  slow, emotional side, it makes listeners reflect on past relationships whether with a significant other or just a friend. “Out Loud” leaves fans in anticipation for what is coming next.  


Loic Nottet – “Million Eyes”


Most know Loic Nottet as the boy who sings “Chandelier” by Sia in the viral video that is on every Facebook feed. Nottet was actually a contestant on The Voice Belgique in 2014.  His debut studio album is Selfocracy  with “Million Eyes” as the lead single. “Million Eyes” is a powerful song that attacks the idea of the constant struggle of judgment from peers. Nottet’s vocal arrangement alone will haunt anyone’s dreams and give listeners goosebumps.


Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina – “What ifs”

With his deep country voice that makes anyone’s heart swoon, Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina tackle the question we all have when it comes to relationships: What if?  As humans, we tend to question everything in the fear of being hurt, but we never ask ourselves, what if this was meant to be?  “What ifs” is the love anthem of the year and makes any romantic playlist complete.

Svrcina – “Meet me on the Battlefield”

Svrcina is an alternative indie artist whose voice takes you to another place. Battlefield is a slow song that has powerful lyrics. There are people in our lives that we would do anything for. No matter the conditions, you will stand by them. Svrcina manages to create a ballad that makes anyone who listens ready for battle.


“Halestorm” – “Here’s to us”

Halestorm is a rock band fronted by Lizzy Hale. “Here’s to Us” was released in 2012 as part of the The Strange Case Of… album. Even though the song is a bit dated, it still makes you want to raise your glasses and celebrate every mistake you have ever made. If it weren’t for mistakes we wouldn’t be human. You might even recognize the lyrics from the popular ABC show “Glee.”


“CNCO” – “Para Enamorarte”

This Latin-based boy group will make every heart swoon. CNCO consists of five members each with a unique voice. Para Enamorarte starts out with late 90s boy band vibe, but the tempo quickly changes for a more modern beat that will have you dancing in your seat. Para Enamorarte translates to “To fall in love.” Everyone needs a good love song to jam out to even if you aren’t the lovey-dovey type. The beat alone can make any day brighter.


“Anthem Lights” – “Class of 2017: Mashup”

Anthem Lights is a cover group known for doing mashups of popular songs and artists, not to mention a few Disney songs. This mashup includes: “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack”, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, and “I Lived” by One Republic. An end of the year playlist would not be complete without a song for those who are graduating. When one chapter ends, another one begins, so make the most of it.

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