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Ricky Di

Published: November 8, 2006

Are you an attractive young woman who enjoys playing video games?  Yeah, I thought not. wait!  Don’t leave!

Are you an attractive young woman who would like to win $1000 and a trip to Mexico and wouldn’t mind learning how to play and pretending to like video games for a few days?  Well, then have I got the event for you.

The Miss Video Game competition, a four-day event to be held in Montreal, Canada next summer, will put five lucky ladies from across the globe (or at least North America) to the test.  The four-day battle-royal begins June 10.

The winner of this competition will receive $1,000 USD (I’d have opted for euros.) and a trip-for-two to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  The winner also gets a new gaming system, which she’s welcome to share with me for informing her of this opportunity.

Most importantly, however, the winner will be a featured character in an upcoming video game title.  That’s right, on top of getting your hands on some cold cash and a trip to smokin’ hot Cabo San Lucas, you’ll have your image permanently ingrained into video game history!

How do you like them apples, eh?

This is more than just a simple beauty pageant, however.  The winner will be determined by a grueling test of skills in all aspects of the gaming realm, from the reflex and hand-eye coordination-based FPSs to the ingenuity centered strategy games.

‘Tis truly a battle for the ages.and one I wouldn’t miss for the world.

Registration for this most glorious of events ends midnight on Dec. 31, so get those forms in. erm. relatively soon.

Considering this is a competition open to the ladies of gaming only, I know what all you guys out there must be thinking: “what’s in this for us?”  And boy am I glad you hypothetically asked.

First of all, from Dec. 31 to Jan. 20, the male population of the Gaming Zone gets to vote on which four lucky ladies get to go to the final showdown in Canada.  A fifth entrant will be chosen by celebrity panel.  And when the battle for girl-gamer supremacy begins, the action will be posted across the Internet for us to drool over.

I, for one, can’t help but get excited over an event that incorporates two of my favorite things in the world: video games and girls who would never give me the time of day.  It’s just like E3, but without the long lines, booths and demo stations.

So, if you think you have what it takes to be crowned the 2007 Miss Video Game Champion, sign up today at

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