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We Need To Talk About Kevin

Travis DeSimone.


We Need To Talk about Kevin is a twisted and heart rending story about a Mother, Eva, (  Tilda Swinton ) coming to terms with her son ( Ezra Miller ) committing an act of mass murder at his local high school. Based on the 2003 novel by Lionel Shriver, We Need To Talk About Kevin was adapted into a film in 2011 and screened at The Toronto International Film Festival.

The film takes us back and forth between Kevin’s childhood and Eva’s life after the killing. We see her living alone in squalor, being outcast by the community, and truly suffering. She wonders where she went wrong with Kevin and is constantly brought back to moments in his childhood where she thinks she could have scarred him. Kevin of course in now in prison, and her visits with him are quiet and painful. It is clear Kevin is a sociopath, from when he first learns to speak, but we get glimpses of his insecurity. His humanity shines through sometimes reminding us that he still needs love like any other person.

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a dark, but touching film. Watch it with your parents.

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